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Facing a career transition? Make sure your next move is the right one for you.

Most business or academic professionals navigate one or more major career transitions in their working life, along with many smaller but no less important hurdles, curveballs and other challenges.

Career Transition

Sometimes a transition of work location, role or responsibility can occur amid significant organizational change, or be triggered by it. These scenarios might include being laid off due to downsizing, because of a merger or acquisition, or other business circumstance.

In other cases, the career transition is triggered simply because an individual feels stagnated, or because senior management may not fully recognize and reward the value the individual adds to the organization, or simply because the person is no longer learning or growing or finding meaning in the work they are doing.

Times of career transition can be unsettling, and careers do ebb and flow, but there are tools that can illuminate the way forward. Navigating such career transitions requires taking a step back to understand where you’ve come from and why, what you need now, where you are headed next and how you will get there. An outside perspective from a trusted expert can help you reframe your career transition – often as an opportunity to move in a better direction.

Sharon Hull, MD, MPH, founder and CEO of Metta Solutions, is a certified executive coach, consultant and academic physician leader. She brings years of experience and expertise working as a coach with professionals in a variety of fields and her own experience of career transition to her coaching engagements, which she structures around a “life course” approach to career transitions and other career management challenges. She can help you navigate career transitions in a way that is focused on your goals and what brings meaning and purpose to your life.

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